1 EVG = 1 Gold Bullion Gram

Proof of Custody

Storage and custody services provided by GoldSilver Central.
Licensed and regulated precious metals dealer in Singapore


GoldSilver Central Pte. Ltd.
3 Pickering Street #01-15/16
Nankin Row Singapore 048660

Status as of:


Current gold bullion in storage, bars: 10
Bar specifications: 1000g
Fineness gold: 999.9

Certificate numbers:

Feingold Heraeus HK 51384
Feingold Heraeus HK 51385
Feingold Heraeus HK 51386
Feingold Heraeus HK 51387
Feingold Heraeus HK 51388
Feingold Heraeus HK 51389
Credit Suisse Pamp Q 83125
Perth Mint Australia 1202121
Valcambi Suisse A031478
Metalor FB004216

Tokenized bars: 3
Tokens issued: 3000
Contract address: 0x9999999997F25ae567Ab4F480a898736FCD66a20
Look on Ethplorer: Evergold (EVG) token

Certificates and storage status documentation is available upon request.

Selected bar images